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Poule de Luxe

Luxury Patisserie and Bakery in Bali

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Everything's Fresh Here at Poule de Luxe.

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Poule de Luxe, the House of great taste

Poule de Luxe a 100% authentic French pastry store, catering to sweet lovers throughout Bali and beyond. Check out our boutiques and sales points, our authentic, traditional pastries, eat in or take out. Macaroons, caramel tarts, fondants, croissants, pains au chocolat and French baguettes - breakfast and snack time is any time & all the time at Poule de Luxe!

Let yourself be seduced by the wonders of French pastries, the cream puff, a little round cake with a sweet heart. A smooth choux pastry rolled in a crispy topping, with a fresh, flavoursome pastry cream inside… How can anyone resist this ball of joy? 

Vanilla, pistachio, salted butter caramel… a collection of 12 permanent aromas and a new surprise each week, made following our chefs’ inspiration. Attentive to product quality, each morning our teams select the best ingredients to prepare your pastries and tasty desserts. 

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Yes ! We do have some Gluten free product at Poule de Luxe. All our Macarons are gluten free and also we have a chocolate fondant and more ...

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